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Spiritual principles



Spiritual principle represents a form of creating communicatory and character principles; it has visual and symbolic features. Baptism pictures voluntary acceptance of spiritual principles in human ego, thereby creating base of character and abilities of personality...  VIDEO 17MB   6,2 MB

SEQUENCE: spiritual principles were here available yet before matter, namely as a basis for personal characteristics and differentiation as far as egos of beings are concerned. There weren’t any spiritual principles entirely available before that, because they comprised defective and dangerous ones. Now, after sorting out, they are at the disposal of any being. The first, basic set, comprises principles which everybody should keep. The second and the third set include talent principles, optional ones, for differentiation of personalities – these are accepted on the basis of personal choice or need. Principles involved in the fourth set are allied to mission in life. The fifth set contains principles for service within inevitable range and magic.

Acceptance of spiritual principle is called baptism and formerly it was administered by “Baptist”. After the change anybody may baptize himself. You may choose here spiritual principle according to your concern. Visualize it and put your notion into body within the area between your throat and sex. A person familiar with chakras may put appropriate spiritual principle directly into due chakra.


Baptism is the voluntary adoption of spiritual principles in the human ego and thus create the basis of personality and ability ..

1. essential for the baptism of a new age for all is based on four principles:
1) green sprig of good will and peace agreement allows for experience the love and comfort,
act in good will and positive energy use.
2) the principle of male phallus for sexual negotiation and the ability to use and sexual transmission of energy or
2b) vulva female principle, the natural sexuality that we were well in the incarnate, can not have both principles leads to the bisexualitě and one in which sex is born.
3) continuity of the causal chain of gold for the ability of the system of knowledge.
4) owl (ancient) wisdom, to act reasonably,
other principles depend on personal choice and the need for capacity:

2. group, the normal principles
motion of dancer talent, dance talent
guitar of musicality, talent for music, popular music
piano of musicality, musical talent, classical music
package of money for investment and business for all businesses and professions
range of painted art capabilities for creative talent
magick and spiritism kettle to be able to accept and use the spiritual world
marguerite flower of beauty for natural beauty of the body
black box, microprocessor, with knowledge of computer and artificial intelligence
gesture of refusal, an essential element of defense, but odcizuje
scales of justice and the proper evaluation can be an important principle that the ability
cards for fortune telling and divination abilities and prophetess
lamb patience for soothing aggressive and arrogant nature
gold grating of order, and the system, and truth, in its negotiations to be able to act systemically.
dagger that turns the attack on the ability to prevent attacks, and effectively argued
book of wisdom and knowledge for learning with the aim of professional skills.
nightingale of musicality, for success in popular music as a singer and composer
plow of diligence for all persons who have a problem with the diligence
grimace of pleasure, who wants to experience pleasure and delight in the second act
baby of fertility, cause or reinforce a parent feeling a desire for a child
coin purse with a lifestyle, for the joy of life and ability to develop life-style
suspenders of promiscuity and religious freedom, to experience a sense of freedom and liberation
pyramid of spiritual energy that was still enough life energy, the healers and masseurs
gesture of refusal for the ability to reject inappropriate and evil
wheel driving skills
plow diligence for the ability to work hard and purposeful
cookery caps and wooden spoon for cooking and the ability to love for cooking

3. group, less common
fidelity of rings, two rings for the merger partner and spiritual allegiance
sword of fighting, and punishment, the principle of allocation preceding the ordeal for law enforcement
wheel of fate, the fatal power
apple ruler of the territory, the spiritual symbol of government in the territory
eagle of freedom, a symbol of freedom, exuberance, and alternative routes
window of open, the ability to communicate and work with people
Věstonická of sex magic, the experience of sexual ecstasy
klasy of fertility for better crop in nature
lightning effect, give the ability to kill the spirit
TV of media can, for film and television makers
gloves of challenges, who wants to change the situation in the conflict
star of program, have the ability to create the cultic and ritual
jacket of disguises, will allow you to modify the image, getting the public
water of oblivion, use  for oblivion single stressful experience
sheep of patience, principle for calm and relaxation to the apathy and resignation
Golden Grail of belonging, a small cup as a gift for co-religionist
golden fleece of knowledge, the principle for understanding the theory, and substance katecheze ideology.
bell of joy, for those wishing to entertain second, and yourself, for entertainers and actors.
Gordian knot (a ball) of mandate, the administrative propletenosti power (outdated?)
spiral of spiritual growth, for people seeking spiritual growth
fiery sword of power, for the fatal power
golden key of  trust and solutions, this is a key mandate for any assignment, delegation of power
the fate-runde of fate, the fatal delegation forces
Cup of joy for people with depression to comradeing and rejoiced in the life 
Calix of artistic exuberance, for a free and uninhibited lifestyle
gold coin of decisions on irrelevant, given the ability to value analysis
pencil automatic writing, for writers and authors of written text
Cup with knowledge worm of doubt, for the scientist and inventor
mask is satisfied by libido, removes mental restlessness reasonless
little wheel of tolerance, in the form of key rings for intolerant people
Lyra of musicality, for musical talent
blue scarf of confidence for people unnecessarily distrustful
picture of erotic fantasy, erotic fantasy wake
simple crucifix for the  choice only way, like a star program
the lotus flower of harmony, for the spiritually-oriented persons
bridge of concentration and mediation, reconciliation and the ability to make the conclusion of the contract
red roses of love, for those who want to experience love and crush
apple of temptation, choices and strife, for people unable to enforce
chrysanthemum of hope, for hope no one shall be taken, it's Space Law
blue light of away and the department for member experience psychological threat
lily of innocence and loyalty, establish that all have good relations
drum with a mallet of lifestyle who wants to provoke their lifestyle
silver snuffbox of serious performance, higher lifestyle
compass of orientation creates the ability to focus
incense cleansing for spiritual environment, the smell of incense vystrnadí heterodox beings
myrrh of medicable capabilities for healers-diagnostics
small gold of personal impact gold litle brick for the creation of properties needed for the function
red ribbon of social sense (Socialists) for people with a sense of social need
round hedgehog of doubt, for the abolition of non-critical obsession
apples of erotic temptation, the principle of sex workers
syringa of gratitude, spiritual form of gratitude, changes in the personal credit
career of ladder creates an interest in career growth based on personal dispositions

4. group, these principles can be obtained on the basis of credit (for a fee):
eye of sight for visionary
ears of telephaty for telepathic abilities
cup of eternal life, an invitation in the creative field of spiritual
Golden Rules of Procedure of grid system and the truth
dagger in a silver casing turning occult attack
crystal ball of knowledge of the future, for divination and magy
Crown personal power and ability to kill, for magicans
diamond of purity and strength, personal development and spiritual growth
Crown of power for people who have the ability to kill the spirit.
sword fighting and punishment
burning fire of God's court
doves with branches for the ability to baptize
Tower of magical power
white orchid of sensuality and pleasure
Cornucopia for higher lifestyle